Jim Cunneen

Trustee / Civil Engineer

I have effectively and successfully served as a Trustee of the Fountain Valley School District for the past six years. During this time, I developed leadership skills which I will use to represent you as a City Council Member.

You can count on my leadership, experience and sound decision-making to guide my top priorities:

  • Rapid recovery for business, employees, and families
  • Disciplined and effective fiscal management
  • Reliable public safety – city services, police, fire.

The future of the city will require a vision and commitment to provide high quality services with the lowest tax base.

Safety within our neighborhoods, emergency response, good streets and parks and providing programs for our youth and seniors are important to our quality of life.

Attracting, maintaining and supporting a healthy business community is vital.

I have provided leadership when serving on the City’s General Plan Advisory Committee, Community Foundation, Housing and Community Development Board and as a Fountain Valley Planning Commissioner.

As a 27-year resident, my wife and I have raised five children and we are active within the community.

I promise to demonstrate dedication, integrity, accessibility and make sound decisions which will benefit the citizens of Fountain Valley.

I kindly ask for your vote.